"My collection is all about fun, happiness, and joy. As a designer I am trying to reach to people who are very ordinary, usual, and sad and open their eyes so they can see how beautifully our world being made by God. He made those beautiful, bright colors like orange, green, pink, blue and I am so happy that I can see them.  Since this is a Spring collection my goal is that people who will attend the show will have bright smiles on their faces. My inspiration was my college experience and knowledge I got from taking Fashion classes. My dream even as a kid was to draw a dress and make it myself however I never thought that this will actually come true in the future. My first look is my first steps I took to achieve my goal ( took first Fashion class FASHN 300 )and with each look my passion to fashion( especially make patterns) grew and now I can clearly see that my dream that I prayed for and hoped for came true. I am so thankful to God that He showed me what I want to do in the future. I can even compare these looks with nature; for example, look one is ORANGERY, look 2 is PINK SUNSET, look 3 ALLURING OCEAN, look 4 FLOWER CLEARING."- Masha Pupko


Designer- Masha Pupko

Models- Natallie Pupko, Olga Pupko, Masha Pupko, Brittaney Lee

Stylist/ hair & makeup- Cristina Ramos